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The Game


TwinFlix Intro – I was thinking on a intro as something about “spacial feeling”. The general idea actually concretized and I liked it. The final part remind me something I already heard somewhere, this is a bit curious to me.

TwinFlix Main Theme – This is my first module written after about 15 years.. When I was told to write a game OST I was a bit puzzled how and where to start, once I remember module music and I realized is still alive (luckly). Notice this song was resampled and modified several times and the middle part was inserted after some time. And IMO is maybe one of the best loops of mine.
Dawn of the Flix – This slow feeling tempo with a keyboard hardly synthetized reminds me something about some serial / movies OST of ’80. The end stops in a violent way,
a bit disturbing maybe…
TwinFlix Credits (Rising Tech) – This song was initially thought for the game ending, but later was moved to Credits. Still today I can’t remember how the hell this idea was born
from my head, because looks a far away to my writing style.
Temple of the Competitors – For this song I wanted to start making an involving, quite fast, bass loop. Later I added synth and the intro part. I really liked some instruments I ripped
from the intro and much more I do the same for the final part, in which give to me a strong feeling of closure. The middle part of the solo reminds me TwinFlix Main Theme.
Fabrizio “Zenon” Stellato