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The screen is divided in two parts, the left where You play and the right where your opponent (or the AI) will play against you.

In the middle of the screen there are controls suitable for people with big hands to help them to put the thumbs right in the middle of the battlefield

In the lower part of the screen there are instead controls suitable for people with small hands or for the iPad whether it would be difficult to reach the center of the display by thumbs

By filling lines of blocks in your left part of the screen, you are going to remove them from the screen and send them to your opponent, bringing him closer to death, once he dies he’s going to resurrect instantaneously: stronger and faster but in exchange of that you’ll earn a growing Bonus level, which shall help you to climb the world Rankings, which you can see updated in realtime on the top right corner of the screen.

When you die the screen always pop up with 3 options:

Challenge: To send the challenge to reach the score you’ve just done to one or more OpenFeint/Facebook friends

End Game: To finish the match and submit the score in the world Leaderboard

Continue: If you want to continue the match, by inserting a coin, without losing the current score